Amber (filly05) wrote,

 lol, i want a kitty....still! My boss at work is looking for a new home for his house cat. and i want her so bad! shes so pretty! she's part siamese, and has the prettiest blue eyes! and her fur is soo stinkin soft! She sheds more than any cat i know of...but i figure a regular brushing can help reduce that problem...but she is so sweet. she loves to be loved. but yeah.. i want her. problem is i dont have the money to feed her. lol. The only reason Pete wants to find a new home for her is because, since he's a truck driver, he's out on the road alot. and doesnt get to give her the attention she needs. sometimes in a week im the only one she sees, when i stop by to feed her.  
lol, Hey Liz, do you want another cat? i think you'd love her! haha. 

anyways.... i am ready to have this baby any day now! im so sick and tired of being sick and tired and pregnant! lol. 

the neighbors dogs are being annoying again! for awhile there we didnt hear a peep out of them. which was really nice. and the neighbors finally put a board up blocking the whole underneath the house. so they cant get in there and cause more problems. 
lol earlier when i got home from work, one of the dogs was over in our yard, barking and being stupid again, so i ran and got the air soft gun that my brothers borrowed to me (for this purpose) and went out on the porch and I GOT HER! haha, took me four or five try's  but i finally got her, lol and she made a bee line back to the neighbors yard.  haha...

Kyle started his second job last night. sounds reallyinteresting. he works for this company that test drives new cars. testing their performance in the cold weather and what not. last night he said he drove a 2009 Jeep Commander.  

Work for me is about the same. just getting really sick of the guys that are working out in the shop every day. i think they are doing some welding work for Pete. but the welding stuff, makes my boogers turn black! plus it makes it really hard to breath. so i try to keep the door to the shop closed. but the darned cat, will scratch at the door and it gets really annoying, so i let him out into the shop, then he'll scratch at the door until i let him back in. its like he cant stand to have the door closed. so when he's in the office and scratching at the door, i'll throw stuff at him. lol by the time i leave or get up for any other reason, there is a pile of stuff by the door. lol. 
i think that cat is going to be lost, after i have the baby...he likes to curl up and sleep on my tummy. its his perch. and once thats gone, he's not going to have anywhere to sleep. haha. 

well i think im done for tootlez!
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