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Catch up!

Well well well... guess whos back?!! ....MEEE!!!!! i thought for sure this journal was lost forever... but i guess i was wrong. lucky me i took a wild guess on the password and viola! im in!
Did ya miss me? Cuz i sure have missed LJ!!!
well lets see what has happened since the last time i posted...
My son Charlie is now 3yrs old. he is so much fun and such an easy going kid!!! not to mention he is a Great looking kid!!

also I am no longer best friends with Jessica Utely. My feelings were hurt when she decided that Sue (kyles mom) was an issue and would not come to any functions that remotely involved her. i tried to express my hurt feelings and after a little while all i got was silence. So i let her know that i was still hurt and that i felt that something had to give on the issue. still i got silence. and after putting up with this same thing in the past i finally got tired of it and let her know that i wasnt going to be going along with that anymore. I deserved better. I deserve to have a best friend who isnt going to let my mother in law get in the way of coming and supporting me and or my child in certain situations. i told her id wait for awhile if she wanted to finally come around to talk to me about things. but after a couple of months i sent her a message saying Basically it was great while it lasted but now i need to move on to greener pastures, thanks for the good times and C'est la vie!
Sadly tho i still find myself missing her and wishing things could go back the way they were even tho i wasnt completely happy with the way things were.
but even after losing her i have been able to take a step back and realize the blessings that Heavenly Father has blessed me with recently in the ways of friends! a year ago this past June i met a lady out at the barn where i used to ride who is a new trainer out there named Courtney. She is pretty spunky and can be a little outspoken sometimes but she has everyones best interests at heart and best of all she has filled in the position as my best friend pretty well!! I would like to say i return the favor but i cant say i honestly am to the point in her eyes. She is howver a full 10 years older than i am but we still get along and talk like age is just a number. Hahaha, we have even had several sleep overs in the past year. She loves and adores Charlie and lets us/him brush and ride and play with one of her best school ponies Hercules!! To me that right there just steals my heart!! Jess liked Charlie and would push him around in a cart at the store but she didnt chase after him and play with him like Courtney does. Courtney does have a bit of an instinct however since she herself is an Aunt to 2 very cute little boys. in fact one of her nephews is named Charlie also!!! the others name is Henry, which i absolutely love that name the more i hear it... but lets face that would be really weird if i named our next child Henry too.

also in terms of friends, i met a girl in my Biology class at OCC. (btw i have successfully started college again and actually doing pretty well!!) She ended up being my lab partner and me "chipotles" partner as well. (we went to dinner after class all the time to Chipotles) The persons name is Becky. She is such a nice sweet person. i just feel terrible for not talking to her recently. She text me on my birthday wishing me happy birthday. i miss her terribly and am hoping to get together and hang out with her sometime soon!!! 

Kyle and i are currently doing ok. We've had quite a few ups and downs the last few years, but then again who doesnt?  we just keep falling back into these ruts of simply existing in the same environment and me feeling ignored and forgotten and unimportant. it hurts big time and each time it happens i come closer and closer to actually calling it quits because i am just so tired of falling back into the same old routine and feeling like scum. i could go on right now about a few issues but perhaps i will keep that until it boils up and ends up in another post.

Lets see what else is new...
Oh yeah, I have a new job. I work at Campus Den in the mall. so far i have worked there a month and really love my job. well ok maybe not the job itself as much but more just the ease and understanding i get from my boss. Landra (my boss) talks to me (and my fellow employees) as equals instead of down to us and using the intimidation factor to get things done. I can really tell that as long as you are loyal and do your duties right Landra will be just as loyal right back. she doesnt expect us to work any harder than she does and that really is pretty easy to do tho. We sell college/university t-shirts and hoodies and collectibles. so i fold ALOT of t-shirts and hang up ALOT of hoodies most days. there is however quite a bit of drama that goes on between Landra and Jen (another employee) but as of right now i think as long as i keep my own mouth shut i can totally handle it.

Oh another thing that is new that i dont think has been updated in a LONG time is...
A.. we USED to have 2 really cool cats named Harry and Hermione (yes of course after the books/movies) and
B.. we have to get rid of the TWO cats and
C.. we now have ONE cat named Oliver that WAS a stray that may have had a home in the beginning because he was already fixed when we found him. we put up signs etc and no one claimed him. so he is now our super silly brown tiger cat.

At the Barn there is a super sweet mare named Diva and while she belongs to Courtney, i have pretty much "adopted" her as my own. I love her so much! She unfortunetly has alot of issues with soundness tho. but her trot is so smooth that i can ride her without having to run straight to the Chiropractor afterwards. She is a nice solid bay with one small sock on her right hind leg.  and a pretty small faint white star on her forehead. i absolutely love her face it just looks so perfectly shaped. whats really silly tho is her mane is frizzy almost like an african americans hair. i will have to post a picture of her soon.

Anyways i will have to update again soon. it is currently 12:41 am and i am tired and need to go to bed. seeing as i have two Better than Sex cakes to make in the morning for a fundraiser baby shower we are having at the Church. YUMM!!!
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