Amber (filly05) wrote,

Apparently I'm two faced...

Well according to my fantastic sister in law, I am two faced along with the rest of Kyles family. If you ask me tho, she's the one that's been two faced lately. Telling me and or my mother in law one thing and then saying something else on Facebook or to someone else that eventually gets back to me... She is still playing the pity party too. Every post on Facebook is about how hurt she is by everyone and she just wants to run away. Sad to say but I have such a sour taste in my mouth from her lately that shes on her own now. Especially after being called two faced. Of course I'm not going to continue supporting her if its just going to shoved back in my face. She needs to realize she's not the only one hurt in this situation. She needs to end the pity party and move on!
Ugh I think this has all given me heartburn this morning.
Wish me luck! I'm off to take my first microbiology test of the semester. Yay!

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