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Thank goodness for the rain

I know that most of it is my fault but I am so extremely emotional the last day or two!! Of course I might have a better handle on my self if I hadn't eaten any gluten recently. That's one of the side effects of gluten in my system is being over emotional and depressive. Of course being out of my antidepressant just compounds the issue even more. This week so far has been so jam packed with plans involving school, Charlie's preschool and work I am feeling extremely overwhelmed. I have seen Charlie a total of maybe an hour in the past three days. This morning we both had a meltdown and ended up in each others arms on the couch until it was time for Charlie to go to school. We both desperately needed that time together and to just chill.
I am however extremely proud of Charlie for making friends at school! When I dropped him off this morning we walked in and three or four kids and chimed in at once "hi Charles!" He says hi and waves back and then this girl come over to him and says hey Charlie Marley! Hahaha it was so cute!
Anyways I'm exhausted from being so emotional this morning so I think I'm going to lay down for a nap before I go get Charlie. And go to work.

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