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My three wishes for the Holidays

Today on my way to take Charlie to preschool, the dj on the radio asked what your three wishes would be for the holidays. So I thought that would make for a fun post on here.
Wish number one.
I wish we could spend Christmas with my parents, brothers and sister and her husband. It's been 7 years now since I have been able to spend a Christmas with my family.
Wish number two.
I wish that Kyle and I could take a trip to Salt Lake City and walk through Temple Square and see the beautiful lights and nativity scenes. And sit and meditate a while at the reflection pool. Just relax and feel the cool breeze on my face. See the beautiful temple in all its glory. Feel so close to my Father in Heaven in that amazing place.
Wish number three.
I wish I could attend one more of the Capell Christmas family reunions. Play just one more game each of Clue, Flinch, Phase 10, and go fish with my cousins. Look through all of grandmas thimble collection and salt and pepper shaker collection. Have her help me make one more quilt together. Hahaha and even sleep one more night on that awful purple shag carpet in the second room. Have one more late night whisper sessions with my cousins Annette and Lance before he died. Have grandpa grab my ear and call me his scudd whomp just one more time. Awe, those were the days. Oh and don't forget going out to grandpas cellar and collecting the field fresh potatoes to make mashed potatoes with. Those were to die for! And yes even having to pitch in with the dishes once dinner was over with. And fighting my cousins for a slice of my moms famous Dutch apple pie!!

On another topic, Black Friday evening after working all the previous night (yuck) I scored myself the sound track to the Polar Express! I put that on in the car half way to preschool, and Charlie has fallen in love with the Polar Express theme song. He goes nuts over the train sounds. :-)

Well I better get going. I have to work tonight with the boss woman.

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