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Step 1

Mmmk. So I went today for my follow up appointment with the Gyno. She came back with two options.
Option number 1
Schedule a surgery for the doctor to go in and look for endometriosis. If she does see endometriosis she would clean it out. While she was in there she would also look to see if my Fallopian tubes are blocked. If they are blocked then she would clear out any scar tissue build up while she was there. Then she would have me start to chart my cycles and look into the use of hormones to help me potentially get pregnant.
The number one goal with this first option is to get rid of the pain and discomfort I have.
Option number 2
He doctor wants me to contact a lady who counsels people on how to track their cycles. We would track my cycle for about three months and then I would go in for a follow up and depending on how my doctor "likes" how my cycle is she will put me on hormones to help regulate my cycle if needed and to help prime my body for getting pregnant and the hormones should help in succeeding in conception.

I hope that I have remembered all the details for the two options. I really wish Kyle could have come with me to this appointment today. I get so stressed out about remembering all the details. I also hate that i can never think of questions until after I leave the office. I really really HATE it!
I think I am definitely going to ask for Kyle to go with me to these appointments from now on.
I really wish I could talk to Kyle right now. I think I'm going to go crazy.

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