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yeah i know im not a good updating on here at work. but in all reality, im done with what there is to do for now. and i have to wait for Pete to get back so i can ask him for some stuff before i can send out a bill.

but anyways...

I was given a couple of books on parenting and stuff for christmas. so i've been reading them. as well as info i find online from a couple of sites that track how far along i am from week to week. and in almost everything that i have read, they all say that i should be enjoying these last few weeks before i give birth.... but i am finding that very hard to do. most of the time i am miserable!  for one.... my hips are in pretty bad shape... when you get into the later part of pregnancy, your body releases a hormone that relaxes all the muscles and ligaments. and with all those laxed so much, all of my joints wont stay in place. so since December, my hips have been hurting really bad. when i lay down, my left hip aches so much, (im supposed to lay on my left side as much as possible to increase blood flow to the baby) so i try to switch to my right side, and by the time i get there im out of breath from trying to roll over, and then there is only relief for a little while. when im on my left side, i think its the weight of everything that makes my right hip ache so bad. so then i try to roll back to my left side...and the time i spend on that side becomes even shorter.  so im constantly flipping from side to side... and i cant lay on my back, cuz the weight of my uterus will cut off circulation to my lower half as well as the baby. so its dangerous to lay on my back for too long. yeah...i am already not getting enough sleep.

then theres some new developments..that keep me from "enjoying" these last few weeks.  Since Monday, i think i have been having some contractions.... but i kindof think its still the harmless kind called Braxton Hicks contractions. but wow they hurts and leave me relly tired. its like i've been in the weight room, and doing an intensive ab workout for at least an hour. you know when your stomache muscles just feel like they've been worked to exhaustion...and it make syou feel so tired, then at the same time my lower back has this intense pain that radiates from my back to my sides.  its one really intense feeling!  I've been having them alot since monday..and im not sure if it is the Braxton hicks or kindof scared to call the Doctors office. at the office they have a phone nurse that they have you talk to instead of the doctor himself. and i've called her alot with questions in the past. and every time i get the same answer..."its normal"  especially from the doctor i was seeing before. she really made me feel like i was just a paranoid girl, who was just looking for a reason to be seen by a doctor.  the phone nurses was always a little nicer but i still got the same vibe from her. so im still kindof scared to call her.  So i've been trying to look online to see if i can find a decription from some one else, exactly what a contraction feels like and when to start getting concerned. but i havent found one!  i have found plenty that say what to  do when you feel contractions but not WHAT THEY FEEL LIKE! so im getting a little annoyed.  basically, im just kindof hoping that these pains either go away or else hope that my 4 hours of work every day goes nice and fast so i can get back home and lay down again...just to have my hips start hurting again. 
also..when it comes to working, Kyle and i decided to switch vehickes and have him take the jeep and me take the Grand Prix to try and save some gas money.  especially since i have to go into town alot lately. but wow... getting into the jeep was hard...but getting in and out of the Grand Prix is even worse. 
so as i said before i am finding it very difficult to enjoy the last part of this pregnancy! its downright frustrating!!
but yeah im just hopng this time will go fast. lol. we'll see.  
Lol the other night i was looking at myself in the mirror. and Kyle was like wow..your so big! i was like ya think!  he was like  "theres an actually underside to your belly!"  and he's right..i cant see the underside of my stomache anymore. the onyl way to see the extent of the ugly stretch marks is to look in the mirror. its horrible! lol after i have my kids , i might actually give more thought to plastic   
well im done for now... i have to call and make an appt. for one of our drivers to go get drug tested.. so tootlez for now!                                                                                                                                 

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