Amber (filly05) wrote,

 He's here!! Charles Zeb Hobbs was born 3:15 a.m. Saturday March 22nd.  8lbs 6 oz 21.5 inches long.
if you want to see pictures... my husband has put some up on my page on myspace... so go check them out.

the only complication from the birth: a broken tail bone! of all things.. yes a broken tail bone!  and it hurts like HELL!!! my stitches from the oppisiotomy (sp?) dont hurt hardly at all compared to my behind! so far i can only find comfort in walking around or lying down on my side. otheriwse everything in between is hell.

that being said... last night was our first night home from the hospital... and i am proud to say we did pretty well i think! 

well standing here trying to type like this is killing my back.. so this is about all i am going to post for now... as soon as i am able to sit long enough to write more i will. 
so tootlez for now...
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